Der Dackel Tanzt – Art Exhibition supported by Tini Bot

Thur, 1. July 2021 / from 7 pm UTC+01

The exhibition, “Der Dackel tanzt”, shows photographs of captured moments of live music, visually expressed sweat, emotions, euphoria, and applause.
Culture is close to our hearts and we miss concerts, live music, the feeling of resounding applause, sing-alongs, beautiful people, sweat, kinetic energy. It is not profit that should play a role, but giving: Everything that is raised will be donated to Mission Lifeline.

Dave Mante
Claudia Helmert
Music support by Tini Bot.

GrooveAmtRecords record shop at Rothenburger Straße 24, 01099 Dresden (open Tuesday to Friday from 11.00-18.00, Saturday from 11.00 to 16.00).

Garden Sunday at SEKTOR EVOLUTION With Tini Bot

Sun, 13. June 2021 / from 7 pm UTC+01

Your favourite club garden v.06.2021.04
For the version v.06.2021.04 there will be, besides Disko Schulze & kuma, live music by Tini Bot.

The Sektoriat is open every 2nd and last Saturday (16-2 h) and Sunday (14-22 h) of the month. Please use the Corona App to log in and don’t forget your medical mask. Current Corona rules apply. Guests need a current negative Corona test, testing is offered on site by the Prager Straße Test Centre ( free of charge.


Tini Bot live act for DJ Mauf’s silent disco

Sat, 29. May 2021 / from 8 pm UTC+01

“There will be a festival edition of the Silent Disco Tour next Saturday, 29 May! 😊
It will be as close to a festival as possible, and like last year I have invited a surprise live guest! In addition, we will dance on 2 stages or channels for the first time. Be surprised! 🙂 Tickets will be available tomorrow from 12 noon.”
DJ !mauf

Tickets will be available tomorrow from 12 noon at:

Video Release: Tini Bot – Komm Schlaf Bei Mir (Live zum Scherben-Jahr 2020)

It is impossible to imagine the German pop and rock scene without Rio Reiser. 2020 would have been his 70th birthday. Rio gained popularity with his band Ton Steine Scherben, which defined German rock music for 15 years and continues to shape it far beyond that to this day. Their first performance’s 50th anniversary was on September 6, 2020.

On September 5, 2020, eight musicians from Dresden honoured the songs of the band in the form of a live stream from the Chemiefabrik in Dresden. Among them were:

Jan Kosyk
Tini Bot
Anne Lenk
Adrian Röbisch
Jan Hoyer
Atze Rudolf
Henk Teichmann
Achim Jurenz

More info:

Whatch the whole concert stream here:

#sogehtsaechsisch #neustadtartkollektiv #tonsteinescherben #50Jahre #rioreiser 

Busking for the “WOCHE DES GUTEN LEBENS”

Sat, 03. Mai 2021 / from 4 pm UTC+01

A district for the people instead of cars – this is made possible by the traffic experiment “Woche des guten Lebens”! From May 2 to 9, 2021, the residents of Dresden-Neustadt will collectively design the street spaces in their neighborhood. To make this possible, cars and motorbikes will not be allowed to park in a part of the Äußere Neustadt around Louisenstraße during the “Woche des guten Lebens” and will only be allowed to drive at walking speed. This restricted traffic area can be used by the residents of Dresden-Neustadt – for strolling, for games and sports, or for trying out a cargo bike. The free parking spaces are the place for neighborhood dinners, a barter exchange, or simply for a morning coffee out in the streets!

The week will be accompanied with live music by
Ezé Wendtoin, Andi Valandi, Tini Bot, Anne Lenk, Remo Devago, Lona, Ju von Dölzschen, Monkey & Goat

#wochedesgutenlebens #dresdenneustadt #busking

“Buch trifft Kunst” – Exhibition Opening with JIMMY CUTAKA – Music Support Tini Bot

Sat, 10. April 2021 / 3 pm UTC+01
Robert Philipp Buch-und Spielwarenhandlung

Jimmy Cutaka is a freelance artist from Halle. His street art is in keeping with the common saying “take to the streets”, which has been used for years to represent protests, uprisings, or rebellions.
“The underlying impulse behind street art arose from the belief that art should function in opposition to, and sometimes even outside of, the prevailing system of laws, ownership, and property. Art should be accessible rather than hidden away in galleries, museums, and private collections…” According to the principle “Art is for everyone!” and everyone should have the opportunity to make art or see art.

Jimmys Art performance will be supported with music by Tini Bot.

#BuchtrifftKunst #robertphillipbuchhandlung #jimmycutaka

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