Playing live for “Buch trifft Kunst” – Exhibition Opening with JIMMY CUTAKA

Sat, 10. April 2021 / 3 pm UTC+01
Robert Philipp Buch-und Spielwarenhandlung

Jimmy Cutaka is a freelance artist from Halle. His street art is in keeping with the common saying “take to the streets”, which has been used for years to represent protests, uprisings, or rebellions.
“The underlying impulse behind street art arose from the belief that art should function in opposition to, and sometimes even outside of, the prevailing system of laws, ownership, and property. Art should be accessible rather than hidden away in galleries, museums, and private collections…” According to the principle “Art is for everyone!” and everyone should have the opportunity to make art or see art.

Jimmys Art performance will be supported with music by Tini Bot.

#BuchtrifftKunst #robertphillipbuchhandlung #jimmycutaka

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